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Personal Trainer Roy Vermeulen On Staying Healthy During This Christmas Season!

Published on 17/12/2018

When the weather got colder and the days darker, we got autumn blues and start working out less. With Christmas, we feel like we have so little time to work out enough to compensate for the massive Christmas dinners. And then, New Year hits, and we have these big ambitions of getting our first sixpack or summer body. Don’t like […]

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Profile: Personal Trainer Roy Vermeulen on Autonomy, Progress & Connection

Published on 03/12/2018

At The Brick, we have a wide network of personal trainers, physiotherapists and other professionals that can help you build a better you. Amongst those experts is Roy Vermeulen, a personal trainer at YORROY, whose forward-thinking vision is pushing for a more efficient, online-focused approach. “It’s my job to create results by eliminating unnecessary obstructions.” […]

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The Brick presents “Movember Month”  

Published on 15/11/2018

We probably all know about Movember. Men shave off their facial hair, grow a proper ‘stache and maintain that bundle of socially awkward hair placement until December hits. But beyond the comical effect, there’s not that much about it. That’s why we decided to take advantage of this month to shine some light on a […]

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A New & Advanced Animal Flow by Chris de Feyter

Published on 25/09/2018

  At The Brick, we aim to explore every possible trend within the health and fitness sector that might benefit our members. Back in 2015, we were the first Belgian gym to bring Animal Flow to our country. But being on trend is not enough: we encourage our trainers to evolve as they teach and […]

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Class Explained: Super Calisthenic Sexpialidocious

Published on 12/09/2018

You might’ve already seen our new schedule, which is now live on our website.  However, as we got a few questions about new members about the names of these classes, we thought we’d explain a few of these in our blog. First off: Super Calisthenics Sexpialidocious. Together with Arno Schurmans, we dive into the details […]

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New Season, New Schedule

Published on 05/09/2018

September is here, the summer holiday has come to an end and the kids are going back to school. And while you might not have hit the gym as often as you wanted to, this is the time for that great comeback. Especially as life demands more energy and the weather is cooling down, you’ll […]

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New At The Brick: Physiotherapy Sessions by Spirit

Published on 30/08/2018

  In the world of sports, it’s very important to take good care of yourself. This partly means having a nutrient-conscious diet, warming up and cooling down during training and obviously knowing your limits. Go too far, and you get injured. And while most trainers at The Brick will give you a training program appropriate […]

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The Brick brings Skillrun to Antwerp

Published on 22/08/2018

With SKILLRUN, The Brick is introducing a new way of training both power performance and cardio, designed by Technogym to ensure quality. From resistance training to cardio improvement, the specific new classes are focused on helping you crush achievements. We interviewed Sam Scheurs of Technogym to find out all about the new course. So for […]

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News Flash: What’s happening in August? (Pt. 2)

Published on 15/08/2018

  The second half of August is fully dedicated to pulling through as the summer heat climbs to its climax. You can’t complain either: we’ve got the air conditioners working overtime to make sure that The Brick is the coolest place in Antwerp. It that’s not enough, we’ll have weekly events where we’ll be serving […]

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News Flash: What’s happening in August? (Pt. 1)

Published on 31/07/2018

  For the next two weeks, we’ve got a few exciting things coming up. We’ve got two events lined up with Red Bull and VITHIT, as well as a program packed with high-intensity classes and soothing yoga classes to join. We also want to thank everyone for joining our Hawaiian Fever night, as it wouldn’t […]

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The Brick x Fever Tree present “Hawaiian Fever”

Published on 25/07/2018

  For a proper cooling down during this summer heat, The Brick and Fever Tree invite you to this month’s “Hawaiian Fever” night. This Thursday at 5 PM, come by and grab a mocktail while listening to the sounds of DJ Stephanie Keysers, bringing you waves of tropical sonics. All you have to do is […]

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The Brick brings Animal Flow to Antwerp

Published on 17/12/2015

Stretch like a cat, leap like a frog, walk like a crab. Intensive training has never been this fun. Animal Flow, the latest fitness trend to come out of the States is a complete workout based on natural and animal poses. As of today it is part of The Brick’s range of group lessons.

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